Monday, May 21, 2012

Garden Diary

Just a quick one today :)

The Protea is in flower now, the buds started to open over the past week.  I also noted that Arum Lillies in the area are starting to flower.  Ours are in pots and used for cut flowers, because although beautiful they are invasive...  I think this is why ours flower a bit later.

We've also been collecting feijoas for the past couple of weeks and are getting a little sick of feijoa crumble!  Will be freezing anything else we get for use later in the year.

Broad beans still flowering like mad, but so far only a few pods off those.  Dwarf beans not seeming to produce any flowers since the first lot, but could be slug / snail damage.  The peas however have done great and we've lots in the freezer to keep up going.

Rain did for the corn.  2 weeks of rain when the corn was tasseling then silking not so great for pollination it seems. Has not stopped us from picking and eating the unpollinated corn cobs though.  Not as sweet as baby corn would be, but larger and still tasty enough to eat fresh.

For those of you growing indigenous plants in the same area as me, this is a great time to be taking cuttings and increasing your stock.

Beautiful sunny day here at the moment and lots of seedlings popping up everywhere - really makes you appreciate life :)

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