Monday, November 26, 2012

Other people's brilliant photo's from End of the Line

You just have to check them all out :)

 John Weeks!

I'm borrowing this one because it's the Safeway wall being painted.  Gone is the ghastly green!  Hopefully they'll let them extend it next year and cover the whole area :)

Katie & Sarah

I walk into town several times a week using this route and my kids always get excited when the see the cows and doggies on the walls - you can imagine how excited the bunting made them :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow, what a superb day at the End of the Line Festival!

Just some quick pics of the day.  :)

Part of the Marketplace - this was a great area with music, artists, stalls and a brilliant KungFu display by Dom McKay and his students
And of course, the marketplace was also home to 2 Fat Ladies Weave a Garden (they called themselves that, not me!!).   Southern Dandenongs Landcare's very own Vicki Boyle and friend Marita Hanigan definitely improved the look of this chain link fence with their art work.  Great job Vicki & Marita.  Next time though, the kids definitely stay with you! :)

This is the main stage (more often known as the Cameo's outdoor cinema) and it was a great area to enjoy listening to Rob Moss.  Fantastic voice and definitely an enjoyable spot to take a break from the senses overload.  Note Baba Desi making, our local wizard, was in fine form despite his advanced age and the heat!

Here's some of the littlies jumping around like dinosaurs to Alice Makes Music.  It was great to have this kids area for them to have downtime and get in the shade.  Well, I say downtime but all the jumping and attempting circus acts or listening to exciting stories with Christopher from the Dreaming Space had them exhausted!

Here's Alice entertaining our bubs

Friday, November 09, 2012

It's almost time for the End of the Line Festival

I am so excited about the upcoming, inaugural, End of the Line Festival on Saturday 24th November!

End of the Line Festival FlyerOrganised by Brent and CJ Dakis, 2 local artists and proactive, enthusiastic and generally brilliant people, it promises to be one local event that will be hugely successful and I predict will most definitely grow in stature in the coming years.

I know they've both put their heart and souls into this, working incredibly hard to convince both the Belgrave Traders Association and the Shire that such a festival will be a huge benefit to the area.

So please, check out the fantastic website for info on the exhibitors, musicians, artists and others involved, then make sure you're there on Saturday 24th November from 10am.

Help Brent, CJ and everyone involved make the End of the Line Festival an event they can be proud of! :)

Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group AGM

A quick message from the SDLG regarding their AGM, this Sunday 2-5pm at Selby Community House.

Join us to hear local conservationist, Betty Marsden AO., on the history of the Save the Dandenongs League and the work done by volunteers to preserve our Hills environment – vital work which continues on many fronts. This is a unique chance to meet and speak with Betty, community elder and local environmental champion.

Afternoon tea provided :)