Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something for Free

You know that saying, "nothing is ever free" (or if you're Scottish - "ye'll ne'er get sumin fir nothing!")?

We'll, today I just want to say that that might be true, but sometimes just a little input can give you a great return :)

The other day I joined Freecycle for the first time in order to have a quick scope and see if there was any chance somebody had any old irrigation equipment etc they no longer needed.  My garden has been sorely under-watered this year and it's been a very unproductive summer as a result.

There was no irrigation equipment, but I noticed that someone was looking for a clothing rail and as we had one sitting in the garage gathering dust, I thought I'd offer it to her on the off-chance it was still needed.  It was and we arranged for it to be collected on Wednesday morning.

When the lady turned up, her lovely daughter in tow,  it took us about 5 minutes to realise that we had loads in common in our lives and also in our view points on the environment.  The quick visit to pick up the clothes rail, turned into a 4 hour long natter, with several coffees and lunch into the bargain!

Another quick visit, this time to her house on Friday, turned into another marathon as I explored her garden and compared notes.  I arrived with cream cakes for morning tea and left with a bag of zucchini and fresh home laid eggs several hours later.  Since Friday, we've used these gifts for creamy tagliatelle and lemon zucchini pasta, scrambled eggs, macaroni, and a rhubarby bread and butter pudding.

So, not only have I had two great days and lots of nutritious, yummy food, but I now have someone to bounce ideas off, a possible business partner and a what looks like a budding friendship for both me and my daughters.

Not a bad return I think :)

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