Friday, March 22, 2013

Loving our Soil - Improvement and Reconditioning (by the Perma Pixie!!)

One of the duo of fantastic permaculture teachers I have is Taj, aka the Perma Pixie.

Like me, Taj has a huge, huge respect and love for that which gives our glorious planet life: soil.

As she has just posted some brilliant posts regarding soil on her blog and I haven't installed a RSS feed yet to here, I thought I would share a little bit of her post so you guys can get a taster.  Then you can pop over to the
Perma Pixie website and check out more.


As a follow-up to my post Soil Soul, I will talk a little now about how to give a little back to our degraded, damaged soils. Only 10% of the earth has soil that can be used to grow food, and it's dwindling fast!

There are a few ways that we can make the soil delicious again... and the keyword here is: 

Organic Matter!

By this I mean natural material, full of carbon and nitrogen. Broken down organic matter is one of the surest ways that we can improve our soils and support the soil food web. This means COMPOST! 

Whats that again? COMPOST? 

All those food scraps that go to landfill, all those half eaten plates of food you see wasted at cafes, all those boxes of cardboard, newspaper, grass clippings, hay, leaf litter, manure... all those half eaten meals, apple cores, broccoli stalks... All of this can actually go towards building healthy soils!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Human Farms?

Are states and countries just human farms?

Throughout history, a ruling class has existed in almost every civilisation from the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, to our present day governments.  Some argue that this ruling class exists only once societies get to a certain size and agricultural innovation makes it possible for an individual to produce more than they need to survive (consume).