Digging the Dandenongs is a planned local, sustainable, environmental and green consultancy business in the Dandenong Ranges.  

We aim to further enhance the sense of community that exists in the Hills, by encouraging community involvement in social and educational activities.  In addition, we wish to promote the importance of locally grown foods and products throughout the area and encourage a simpler lifestyle.

We have adopted the simplistic design of three emerging tree-fern croziers as our logo to represent the importance of, and connection between, community, economy and the environment to our business.

Tree-ferns are an iconic part of our local vegetation and survive periods of drought and bush fire, sprouting new fronds from their crown in the following spring.  They represent resilience and our aim of encouraging this in the people, and landscapes, of the Hills.

The design is simple in order to mirror our desire to lead a life, and run a business, which impacts as little on the environment as possible.

We are still in the early stages of this project so please bear with us :)

See the world with the eyes of a child; love the world with the heart of a child; protect the world with the determination of a child; preserve the world for a future child.

Tread lightly :)

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